Black Dogs' evolution began years ago as a small Father/Son team buying/selling Toyota Land Cruisers of all makes and models. We spent so much time driving & repairing them that we eventually began to restore them from the ground up. Little did we know our passion for Cruisers would grow into a large shop in the Dallas Design District 100% focused on this labor of love. We started in 2014 with a mission to build nothing but the WORLDS BEST 40 series land cruiser factory-spec restorations, and over the years began to evolve our concept of a classic Land Cruiser with modern comforts.

As time went on, and our butts/backs grew sore and tired of old uncomfortable FJ40 seats, we decided to slowly upgrade and modernize our vehicles. This evolution brought us to the point we're at now. Our vehicles are constructed of brand new parts to much higher specifications & tolerances than the factory ever intended. This saved our butts, backs, and commutes to/from the office. Some prefer the old hum of an original 125hp 2F motor; we wanted more power, fuel efficiency, and comfort.

We've spent years fine-tuning this formula and are happy to be receiving praise from both the industry and customers as to the level of quality, comfort, and attention to detail we put into these vehicles. Builds are spec'd & equipped to your liking based on how you intend to use the them. Every one is custom ordered, and tailored to your specific needs.

Every component is hand selected. We design our vehicles to use top of the line parts with an emphasis on durability, comfort, performance, and ease of maintenance At the end of the day we're focused on building the very best 4x4 that will be passed down through generations. Vintage inspired, but brought to life with a newfound emphasis and spirit for adventure.



We specialize in customizing and modernizing Toyota Land Cruisers. Tailor-made in Dallas Texas to go anywhere and do anything. Our quest in life is to design a truck that will keep up with your wandering spirit. Tackle any obstacle, yet retain the vintage styling roots that we’ve grown to love. The perfect blend of classic and modern, with an emphasis on performance and comfort.