1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

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Clean Daily Driver. This FJ40 received a driver quality repaint some time ago, and has been stored for the majority of its life in Montana. Little to no rust, drives well, ready for a new adventure. ODO shows 61,000 miles.

This vehicle received a full inspection by our team upon arrival at our shop. Everything checked out other than a few issues that are easily fixed.


The good - nice driver quality repaint, runs well, great driver, suspension upgrade and multiple small upgrades from Cool Cruisers and other reputable sources. Awesome electric (yes electric seats work) bucket seats up front, and nice leather recover on the rear jump seats to match.

The Bad - Needs a brake tune-up (master cylinder is leaking and low pressure). Needs 4 new tires (tires are barely used but are 15 years old). There is no radio. AC does not work (could be a recharge).


Vehicle starts right up and is a blast to drive. This is a solid DAILY DRIVER rig that could use some love, but is ready to go after new tires and brake service.

Text 469 405 5151 for more info.

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