"Heritage" Build Levels

Our "Heritage" line places an emphasis on remastering vintage 4x4. During these builds we focus on retaining the vehicles iconic look and feel, while providing tasteful upgrades that enhance the ride, styling, and comfort of these classics. Every inch of the vehicle is hand-built by our team of mechanics, painters, and upholsterers; all of whom are master craftsman. Ready to Build Yours Today? Click on any of the red buttons on this site to access our interactive builder, choose from our restoration packages and available build options, and generate a quote.

Nama (Raw)

This level is chosen for it's beauty, class, and how it retains its origins. Our mechanics inspect and certify every piece of metal, wiring, and drive-train. Fresh paint and refinished interior will turn heads and get you there in style. The engine is tested, seals and gaskets are replaced, or if necessary the entire engine is rebuilt. Nama (Raw) builds are limited to one per month and take 2 months to complete.

-Starting at $30,000

Puro (Pure)

Frame off and stripped down to its "Nuts & Bolts". We take your cruiser down to its bones and individual pieces are painstakingly reworked, or replaced with Japanese OEM parts. This is the definition of "Show Quality", and is an investment-grade vehicle that retains the Cruisers Bare-Bones style and attitude with slight tasteful upgrades to make your trips and trails a little easier to navigate. Puro (Pure) builds are limited to two per month and take 4 months to complete. We intentionally limit our intake of new builds to keep our quality extremely high. These spaces fill up very quickly so we recommend placing orders ASAP.

-Starting at $45,000

Vicio (Vice)

FJ40, 43, 45, Troopy, and more exotic models remastered and back with more class. The VICIO build is a full "Nuts & Bolts" restoration with all the creature comforts and customization Toyota never dreamed of. For the extreme off-roader or overlander, the enthusiast who wants more, or those looking for something a little more unique. There is no limit to how far we can go with this. Our team works closely with you to design and build something truly remarkable and customized to your hearts content. Vicio (Vice) build are extremely complex and custom. We only accept one build at a time and they take from 6 months to 10 months to complete.

-Pricing by Request

It all starts with passion, and some amazing trucks.

All-Electric Suzuki LJ50

Look for us at Overland Expo May 12, 2017 where we will be unveiling V1 of our newest line of redesigned vintage-electric vehicles. The "Raiju" line is a testament to the unique styling of vintage 4x4 paired to the advantages of a modern electric drive

All-Electric Land Cruiser

Specs and more information will be released as designs are completed in 2017.