Our Mission: Restore Land Cruisers "Heritage"

The "Heritage" line is built by our team that has over 30 years of experience restoring Toyota FJ. We take classic cruisers, and update them for today's driver while still retaining their classic cool and refreshing iconic bare-bones feel. 

Our love and enthusiasm for these vehicles shows in our product. We're bringing these classics back to life, and you can bet they will hold their value as an investment-grade vehicle.

Our restoration quality is unmatched, and so is our delivery schedule. Why wait a year or more for your restoration when our quality is backed by a guarantee and can be delivered in 4-6 months?

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Motorized Euphoria

Adventure, Tradition, raw euphoria. To those fortunate enough to possess one, these old rigs bring nothing but sheer enjoyment. We're proud to revive these beasts and update them for the modern driver. Our trucks go through a rigorous quality-control inspection and 100 mile test before leaving the shop. You can be sure you're getting the best.


We work tirelessly, hand-crafting each truck, fueled by our passion and the relentless pursuit of simpler times. These relics have an endearing quality that we have devoted our lives to restoring. You'll understand when you wrap your knuckles around the wheel and feel the stones kick loose beneath its tires.

Black Dog Beginnings

This company grew from a love for classic cars and traveling. Everyone involved has a heavy respect for Land Cruisers and a passion for the outdoors.

While traveling I loved seeing the occasional old FJ40 still bangin' out work and chuggin' along like it was brand new in some of the harshest environments in the world. Eventually I bought one, and years later transitioned into sourcing and restoring these beasts.

Now we are the only Land Cruiser & Vintage 4x4 specialist that offers high quality restorations, on time, and with pricing and packages for everyone. This is a family company, and our family is happy to bring you the best Cruisers & Classics available.


There's something to be said about perfection. Mans pursuit of it has blinded some, and yielded great rewards for others. Our commitment to you is to be the best, and when you lay eyes on your shining, hulking beast of a truck you'll agree that we hit the mark. Lets bring your vision to life.

Culture of Excellence

Our team has a real knack for this stuff. Decades of restoration experience, combined with a true passion for classic 4x4 and a pursuit of nothing short of perfection. The end result is a labor of love, and something you will cherish for decades to come.

Our Promise

We Deliver the Highest Quality Vintage 4x4 Restorations

Our shop is run on a tight schedule with production lines similar to what you would see in a plant producing new cars today.

We hire the best and our team has decades of experience working with Land Cruisers. 

Our quality is 100% guaranteed, and delivered on average three times faster than the competition. If not we will be happy to buy your truck back at asking price.